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About The Big Calm

Based in London, The Big Calm provides fantastic Greek holiday to individuals, couples, families, and groups. We offer fantastic breaks to Kefalonia, the jewel of the Ionian Islands, and this is a great place to just get away from it all. For more than five years we’ve provided customers with the holiday of their dreams, and we can’t wait to find the best package for you. Everything is tailored to your requirements, and we pride ourselves on the unique packages that we provide. Call us today to book a quality holiday in a beautiful, relaxing location.

About Me

The roots of The Big Calm lie in my childhood. I was born in the beauty of a fruit farm in Kent, to a mentally ill Mum who was raped when she was young. She tried to commit suicide in front of me when I was 6. This combined with being beaten & abused by a headmaster who happened to be a sadist was not a good break! After this & a few other challenges, my life was never going to be easy!! With little or no Self esteem, I became a rescuer, always trying to help people, when the person I needed to rescue was me! Eventually, after many painful failed rescues, the penny dropped. I did 2 years of counselling with the most empathetic, caring & non judgmental therapist, I took up meditation when joining the London school of philosophy ( meaning love of wisdom) for my mind & spirit & yoga for my body. During this time, I visited Kefalonia as part of my healing & found great peace, beauty & my Self. Serendipity brought me the realisation that I could design & build beautiful gardens that put me back in touch with nature. During the last 15 years as a gardener, I found many of my customers disconnected from nature, carrying out stressful jobs, that for the most part they didn't enjoy, getting home late, bringing the stress of their work home with them & not finding the happiness they thought their efforts would bring. Preaching somewhat, I would tell them to go straight to their new gardens & spend some time in contemplation, meditation or just connecting with the beauty & simplicity of nature outside their own doors. My realisation I cannot help those who don't wish to be helped.

Over the many years in which I returned to Kefalonia, it dawned on me that I had indeed been healed, & as a consequence, the idea came to me that Kefalonia was the ideal place to bring open minded people who could also heal & find balance in their lives with the gifts & practices of other people who love what they do.  I love the idea our little business & its customers put something back into the community of Kefalonia & I love the idea of using some of the profits to bring carers out to let them have a holiday, they otherwise wouldn't have, which my very dear, but sadly departed friend Pauline, a nurse agreed about strongly. Our carers in the U.K. Do a wonderful job with very little reward & not enough recognition. So I hope you like the idea too that these unheralded souls get to enjoy the beauty, peace & tranquility of the island as well.

From my birth on a beautiful farm, I recognised my disconnection from nature in a big city, leading me to being a gardener & leading me to Kefalonia, where I find my peace, amazing people, great beauty & a deep & powerful connection to nature, which I wish to share with all who want that for them Selves.

Why Visit Kefalonia?

Imagine overlooking the beautiful blue of the Ionian Sea, taking part in a Pilates session, rediscovering your inner peace. When you choose us, you don’t have to just imagine, we take you to your dream destination, taking care of everything and offering the very best. We offer heavenly holidays to bring you balance and harmony in lives that are full of pressure, fast-pace, and stress. Our unique retreat allows you to take time out, and to experience everything that Kefalonia has to offer, including a range of accommodation for all tastes and budgets. This includes luxury villas, boutique hoels, spa options, and homely apartments.

We strive to offer lasting happiness, and an experience that stays with you when you’ve flown home. From wonderful beach parties to treatments administered by professionals, there are amazing things around every corner. Choose food and refreshment from Eddie and Iria, our friends who run The Sesto Buddha Bar on Koroni beach.

There are facilities for everyone, with a Pilates deck overlooking the beach, chill out log cabins, and the olive grove, surrounded by wild flowers, circling eagles, and a feeling of utter tranquillity.

Let us meet your needs exactly with a tailored package for you and your party.

The Big Calm

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Sun, Sea and Soul