Sun, Sea and Soul

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As well as a great range of packages to choose from, there’s also lots of activities to get involved with. From scuba diving to sailing, we help you to fully experience the Ionian Islands. At The Big Calm we want to offer you the holidays of your dreams in a relaxed way. There are few places as beautiful and calm as Kefalonia, and we really can’t wait for you to visit.


Yoga gives nourishment for the mind, body, and soul. This highly beneficial, ancient practice originated in India, and is great for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. While it started in Asia, it’s also at home in sunny Kefalonia. Classes are available throughout your holiday, and everything is arranged at a time and location to suit you.


Pilates is the art of controlled movements, allowing for other exercises to be modified. The activity is great for all, from beginners to more advanced participants. No matter your goals, there’s a class and intensity for all with The Big Calm.


Treat yourself to a massage to soothe all of your aches and worries away. Our massages work and act on the body, using pressure, tension, motion, and vibration in a variety of ways.


This is the ancient spiritual practice of training the mind. Typically, meditation is used to induce a mode of consciousness, helping you to find peace within. Start a journey into your very being with this activity, available in beautiful Kefalonia.


Reiki is a Japanese technique, used for stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing. It is administered by laying on hands, and is based on the idea that unseen life force energy flows through us, keeping us alive.


See Kefalonia from a whole new perspective with one of our sailing experience. Feel the rush of the wind as you glide across the glistening surface of this beautiful island's serene waters. We have access to a number of yachts in Argostoli, Sami, and Aghia Efimia.

Scuba Diving

Discover the beauty that lies beneath the surface when you undertake scuba diving. Swim in the beautiful water around the island and see untouched beauty of the underwater world.

Personal Training

Working one-to-one or in groups, this personal training helps you to achieve your goals. Try new workout routines and fresh perspectives on health, nutrition, and fitness on our great holidays.

Greek Dancing and Parties

Greek dance is a very old tradition, and it’s referred to by authors such as Plato, Aristotle, Plutarch, and Lucian. Kefalonia has its own unique style, and you’re encouraged to try it on your getaway.

Trekking and Walks

Explore the beauty of the island, including the mountains coast lines, either with a guide or alone.

For further information on our scuba diving and sailing activities, CALL US TODAY.

Sun, Sea and Soul

Further Information

As well as being a very spiritual place, Kefalonia is much quieter than mainland Greece, and all of the locals are incredibly friendly. They lead calm lives, and this means that Kefalonia is the ideal place to visit for a holistic retreat.

The beach has a lovely tranquil energy, suited to relaxing in a natural environment. We have a team of trained professionals on the island, all able to assist you during your visit. Their goal is to help you to relax on this well deserved break.

We also have life counsellors available, and if required they’re able to talk through your stresses and worries with you. Each counsellor is able to give a
fresh outlook and perspective on life. We also have masseuses trained in a range of areas, including hot stone massages and Reiki.

We’re able to arrange these services to suit your schedule, whether it’s sunrise, morning, afternoon, sunset, or evening. Everything we offer is affordable, and we offer discounts for multiple uses over your stay. Our yoga and meditation classes are for all abilities, and are usually held on the tranquil Koroni beach, or our purpose built deck at Sesto. Both locations have great views of the Ionian Sea, and we also run classes in your private accommodation, or other specified locations. Private classes are available, as well as sessions with your family or in a group.

Reiki, massage, life coaching, and other practices take place above Sesto at our log cabin in the olive grove. This overlooks the beautiful, blue Ionian Sea.

If these types of service are of interest to you, it may be best to book in advance. When you call to book your holiday, please advise us of the activities that you’re interested in. Also, if you have a specific hobby that you’d like to try while here, contact us about it. Even if it’s not listed here, we’ll do our best to arrange this service for you to enjoy during your stay.

On the beach road you’ll find our dear friends Eddie and Iria who run Sesto. This is an exquisitely positioned kantina, offering sunset drinks, music, dinner, spontaneous dancing, and morning yoga. Further down the road you come to a beach that most people only ever dream of. Here you’ll find turtles and the place that they leave their eggs to hatch. This is the best place to meditate, and it’s incredibly peaceful and tranquil. When you reach the very end of the beach you’ll find a source of natural mud. This is great for massaging the areas that need to stay young!

If you’re looking for something a little more lively, then we also arrange beach parties under the stars. These get-togethers are great for getting to know new people, talking about your day, and generally chilling out.  

 Whether you want a secluded holiday relaxing on the beach, or you want to take part in some of the classes that we offer, our bespoke holiday experience ensures that you’re able to make memories to cherish forever.