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We offer packages for everyone, and we’re proud to say that every holiday is tailored to your exact requirements. There are lots of experiences and holiday styles to choose from, including fitness holidays, couple retreats, and relaxing family holidays. Based in London, our great range of holidays are excellent for de-stressing, and this is why we’re called The Big Calm. Contact us today for your personalised, curated holiday.

Our Holidays

Each of our packages is uniquely designed for one of four themes, and the packages are available from May through to October. All packages are 7-day holidays, and prices include accommodation and airport transfer. Flights are not included, but we may be able to advise you on these too.

Singles Holiday

- Yoga (12 Sessions)
- Meditation (6 Sessions)
- Greek Dancing
- Sunset Drinks and Dinner
- Beach Parties

- 11th May - 18th May 

- From £599 Per Person

Health and Wellbeing

- Yoga (6 Sessions)
- Pilates and Beach Workout (6 Sessions)
- Weight Loss and Nutrition Programme
- Reiki
- Massage
- Meditation

- 25th May - 1st June

- From £699 Per Person


- 15th June - 22nd June

- From £685 Per Person

- Yoga (6 sessions)
- Meditation (6 sessions)
- Nutrition classes
- Beach training
- Meals
- Beach party
- Island tour
- Accommodation


- Yoga (6 Sessions)
- Meditation (6 sessions) 

- Couples Counselling (3 session)

- A choice of Scuba Diving (3 sessions) 

- Sailing (3 sessions) 

- Trekking (3 sessions) 

- Healing or Massage (3 sessions

- 7th July - 14th July
- From £1585 Per Couple

Fitness Week

- Diet Plan
- Beach Training
- Cycling
- Running
- Swimming
- Yoga (6 Sessions)
- Massage (3 Sessions)

Singles & Children

- Yoga (6 sessions) 

- Meditation (6 sessions) 

- Evening Childcare (3 sessions) 

- Island Tour 

- Turtle Watch 

- Sailing 

- Beach Party (We have a shallow beach suitable for young children)

- 14th July - 21st July
- From £699 Per Person 

- (Up to 2 children under 12 FREE)


- Yoga (3 Sessions)

- Meditation (3 sessions)
- Healing or Massage (3 sessions)
- Evening Childcare (3 sessions)
- Sailing or Fishing
- Turtle Watch
- Island Tour
(We have a shallow beach suitable for young children)
- Other activities are available at an additional cost 

21st July-28th July  28th July -1st Sept 

- From £955 pp 

- (up to 2 children under 12 FREE)

Chill Out Week

- Beach Meditation (6 Sessions)
- Philosophy Classes (3 Sessions)
- Reiki
- Sunset Dining
- Moonlight Dancing
- Swimming

- 1st September - 7th September
- 7th September - 15th September
- From £520 Per Person

Ladies Yoga Weekend and Pampering Package

- Villa
- Chef
- Personal Yoga Sessions
- Individual Massage
- Sightseeing Tour
- Visit Location RestaurantVarious weekends throughout the year

- Please contact us with your requirements
- From £1100 Per Person

CONTACT US TODAY to find out more about our fitness and family holidays in Kefalonia.

Sun, Sea and Soul


Our experienced nutritionist is here to give advice on what to eat, and everything is tailored to your needs. Simply contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll ensure that the best nutritionist is available.


We offer couple counselling, tantra counselling, and a range of other activities, tailored to you. Spend time enjoying curated activities, and then spend time with your partner.


The island is a great place for children, and there’s a lot for you to do as a family. However, if you want to spend time as couple, we’re able to look after your children, taking them to the beach and offering other activities.

Further Information

If you’re not sure which package is best for you, contact us directly. We’re able to offer expert advice on your specific requirements or needs.